How Two Sisters Sold Personalized Gifts Nationwide with Shyp

white-elephant-product-2 All images courtesy White Elephant Designs.

White Elephant Designs is an online boutique that sells unique home goods and accessories with a personal touch. Founded by sisters Emily and Hope Winchell, the online store is a one-stop shop for the sisters’ favorite brands as well as one-of-a-kind, hand-monogrammed items.

Currently, the Winchells are running the company out of Emily’s Chicago apartment. When the company exploded in popularity (seeing 425% growth since 2012), Emily’s home turned into a mini-warehouse. It was then that the sisters realized that doing everything themselves wasn’t sustainable.

Because providing extra-special products with extra-special care is core to White Elephant Designs’ mission, the sisters need partners who can deliver on those high standards. They use Shopify for their online store, and initially tried outsourcing shipping to a fulfillment service. When that shipping service didn’t deliver the quality experience that White Elephant needed, Emily and Hope tried out Shyp.


Sending orders in seconds, not hours

From pick-up, packaging and labeling to pricing and drop-off at the post office, Shyp gives the sisters back significant time to run their business. In prep time alone, before Shyp, it took them more than five minutes to prepare a single item for shipment, and Emily was forced to bike to the post office up to three times a day to ensure orders went out on time. With Shyp, Emily can put together entire orders in seconds.

“Packaging was very stressful. We used to store hundreds of boxes in my apartment so we’d always have the right size on hand. Shyp saves me from having to deal with all boxing and delivery,” says Emily.

White Elephant sells a variety of items, from sleep masks to earrings to champagne flutes. Shyp sizes packaging perfectly for each customer order, with boxes and protective materials like bubble wrap selected for each unique item. This custom packaging helps reduce their shipping costs and is done with the same attention to detail that defines their business.

Shipping, stress-free

Emily and Hope founded White Elephant Designs on the premise that a personal touch makes otherwise simple gifts and decorations extraordinary, and the approach is working. Thanks to Shyp, the company is delivering unique, beautifully monogrammed items to happy customers nationwide.

“Working with Shyp has saved me so much stress,” says Emily. “It’s the reason we’re able to run White Elephant Designs.”

"We used to store hundreds of boxes in my apartment so we’d always have the right size on hand. Shyp saves me from having to deal with all boxing and delivery."

- Emily Winchell, Co-Founder of White Elephant Designs

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