How Social Native is Transforming the Creative Industry with Shyp

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Social Native pairs Fortune 500 consumer brands like Coca-Cola and General Motors with naturally talented content creators to create authentic and relevant content, optimized for every marketing channel.

All content Social Native creates is branded, meaning there’s a product in the shot. This is easy for a brand like Walgreens, that’s on every street corner, or Perrier, that’s sold in every supermarket. But what about new product lines that haven’t launched yet, or niche products that aren’t available in all stores?

The Los Angeles-based team works with millions of creators across the globe to create personalized branded content. To streamline product campaign shipping, the Social Native team turned to Shyp.

Fulfilling big promises on tight timelines

Social Native uses Shyp daily to send anywhere from one to hundreds of products, depending on which campaigns are running. Shyp helps drastically cut costs and improve efficiencies across the operations team.

Before Shyp, a campaign with 60 shipments would take hours to manually process and package—and that’s not counting multiple trips to FedEx. Now, Shyp takes care of the entire fulfillment process for each product campaign.

“In terms of time and ease of use, Shyp has helped a lot. I don’t have to spend my day walking to a FedEx or creating shipping labels,” says Bara Kim, Operations Manager at Social Native. “Being able to upload orders in batches with Shyp has made our process faster. As a result, I've been able to take on larger responsibilities, like managing internal creator communications, running campaigns from start to finish, and helping improve operations strategies.”


Building brands, one package at a time

At Social Native, it’s all about authenticity and speed. Brands need to move quickly to create genuine content that cuts through the noise. In partnership with Shyp, Social Native has helped dozens of brands create relevant, high quality content that has a real impact.

“Shyp is crucial to our day-to-day operations,” says Bhaji Illuminati, VP of Marketing at Social Native. “As a technology company, we highly value partners who can help us disproportionately scale our output to the number of people on our team. Selecting Shyp was an easy decision for us—their tech is sound and their services are top-notch.”

“Shyp is crucial to our day-to-day operations.”

Bhaji Illuminati, VP of Marketing, Social Native

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