How ReGrained Grew a Hobby into a Sustainable Business Using Shyp

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California-based ReGrained collects spent grain from beer brewing and upcycles it into nutritious supergrain bars. The company was created by accident in the kitchen of two brewmasters at UCLA, Jordan Schwartz and Dan Kurzrock, after realizing just how much grain was left over from the brewing process.

ReGrained now collects grain from five San Francisco breweries and ships their protein-rich bars all over the country, both wholesale and retail. With Shyp, Jordan and Dan can check shipping off of their to-do list and send customer orders as fast as they come in.

Fulfillment in a few clicks

Before Shyp, in between making and marketing their product, ReGrained would need to process, package, and get orders to carriers, which was inconvenient and expensive.

“Until Shyp, we’d been fulfilling a lot of things out of what I’d call my ‘home warehouse,’” says Jordan. “We tried services to print labels at home, which was okay but pick up was painful—we’d have to wait around the entire day for couriers to arrive. We also tried going to the post office once a week, but then order fulfillment times could be very long.”

With Shyp, fulfillment takes a few clicks. ReGrained’s website is built on Shopify. New Shopify orders sync to Shyp, where Dan and Jordan can schedule a pick up time that works for them instead of waiting around the kitchen.

“I just go to Shyp, click ‘Import from Shopify,’ and everything pops up. It’s incredible,” Jordan says. “As a small company, those hours that we save on packaging and dropping off boxes is always well-spent somewhere else.”

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Grow-with-you shipping expertise

ReGrained began as hobby, but has been able to grow into a serious consumer packaged goods business over the past few years, with a warehouse on the horizon. With shipping off of their plate, Jordan and Dan have more time double down on their mission to create delicious, healthy, and sustainable recipes.

“As we’ve grown, Shyp has been an important piece of our advisory team, our trusted go-to for shipping expertise. They’ve helped us understand the fine details around shipping costs. There’s no 3PL or shipping service that I know of that would spend time working with us and answering such in-depth questions,” says Jordan. “Shyp has been our bridge to growth.”

“As we’ve grown, Shyp has been an important piece of our advisory team, our trusted go-to for shipping expertise.”

- Jordan Schwartz, Co-Founder of ReGrained

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