How Pin Lord took the leap from side hustle to success with Shyp

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From pop culture to the paranormal and everything in between, Eduardo Morales can’t get enough of enamel pins. Dubbing himself @pinlord, Eduardo transformed his passion for the stylish fashion accessories and prowess for social media into a thriving online business with a following to match.

The journey of the Pin Lord brand wasn’t without its fair share of growing pains, however. Eduardo was sinking countless hours into packaging and shipping orders — time he could put to better use developing collaborations with new artists and building his brand. Remembering how Shyp was able to help simplify shipping at Depop, an online global clothing marketplace where he previously worked, Eduardo once more looked to Shyp as a potential solution.

Tackling shipping while saving time

Pin Lord’s popularity rapidly outgrew Eduardo’s ability to handle fulfilment for the orders that were coming in. At the same time, the sales weren’t quite enough for him to leave his day job or hire another person to make Pin Lord a full-time business. Stuck in the middle, he turned to Shyp to get orders out the door with minimal effort.

“With Shyp, we're able to have an intern come in and help part-time. If we didn't have Shyp, we would have to hire somebody full-time to deal with this sort of stuff,” says Eduardo. “Shyp saves us at least $5,000 a month just in time and energy.”

Shyp’s courier pickup service and professional packaging team streamlined the shipping process, allowing Pin Lord to fulfill orders—usually containing multiple pins—easily and quickly.

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Riding the wave of popularity

Thanks in part to Shyp, Eduardo has found the time to cultivate more than 95,000 followers on the Pin Lord Instagram account and sell thousands of pins across the country and worldwide.

“The most valuable thing for me is my time,” says Eduardo. “Without Shyp I would have to dedicate one full day or a day and a half every week to ship pins. That’s just too much time. Shyp is a lifesaver for me.”

As a social-savvy entrepreneur, Eduardo prefers to spend his time growing his following and collaborating with other artists, not dealing with shipping.

“Shipping is a big part of the time that I spend on stuff, probably 20%. It would be at least double or triple that without Shyp,” added Eduardo.

Pin it to win it

Pin Lord started off as a side-hustle, a hobby Eduardo never imagined might become his main source of income and a successful brand in its own right. Taking that leap from part-time passion project to full-time business wouldn’t have been possible without Shyp, which helped Eduardo handle the complex and time-consuming task.

“Pin Lord helps me have a creative outlet and make a living, on my terms,” says Eduardo. “Honestly, there are few companies that I actually look upon fondly, and Shyp is one of them. Their customer service is great, they have always been very helpful and they actually solve a problem that I have—and I’m sure many others, too.”

“Shyp saves us at least $5,000 a month just in time and energy.”

—Eduardo Morales, Owner and Founder, Pin Lord

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