Think Inside the Box

At Shyp, we are experts at packaging products. Our partner network specializes in packing fragile and high-value items to ensure that they arrive safely and in perfect condition. You can count on us to select the right type of packaging for all your items.

Our seasoned packaging experts are trained in advanced packaging techniques to make sure that your item does not budge during transit. The experts in our packaging teams can pack anything, from oddly shaped sports equipment to expensive artwork. At Shyp, we value the safety of your package over everything else. Choose Shyp to save yourself from needless worry and get your package expertly handled.

Our Promise

At Shyp, the security of your item is our utmost priority. We guarantee safety during transit and ensure that your products will arrive in nothing less than immaculate condition.

We are constantly innovating and evolving to come up with new techniques that make packaging an even more seamless experience for all our esteemed clients. Constant improvement and a desire to serve are what make Shyp rise above the competition and be the best shipping and packaging company in the business.

Boxes for everyone

Choosing the right box is imperative not only for the safety of your package but also to keep costs low. When an item fits a box perfectly, you can save up on packing materials and be sure that your product arrives in mint condition. At Shyp, we offer a wide variety of boxes to cater to items of different shapes and sizes.

In case your item is shaped oddly and does not fit an orthodox box, we can also customize packaging that fits your exact needs. Our boxes are made to add an extra layer of protection to your items. We use reinforced materials to add more rigidity, safeguarding your item through its transit journey.

Packing materials that keep your items safe

Packing materials are the best protection for your items, ensuring that they will arrive at their destination in immaculate condition. We offer a wide variety of protective packaging that will safeguard your items from start to finish. The packaging specialists at Shyp have in-depth knowledge regarding how packaging needs are linked to product sensitivity.

We offer packaging that incorporates aerated foam, creating a cushion of protection against shocks and vibrations that might harm your item.

Specialized packaging solutions for high-value items

All products cannot be packaged the same way. Every item has a different size, shape, and level of sensitivity. All of these factors come together to make the packaging of each item a uniquely difficult task. The packaging specialists at Shyp are trained in advanced packing techniques that cater to a vast variety of products, ranging from high-value pieces of artwork to bulky electronics.

Shyp uses innovative packaging designs and suspension inserts to give support where needed to make sure that your item does not rattle around in its package, making it more prone to damage. Going the extra mile with details gives our customers the ultimate peace of mind as they know that their valuables are in safe hands.

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