Shyp is better shipping.

We’re focused on making it easy for people and businesses to get things from here to there.

"With this intrepid startup's service, everything you ever 
hated about shipping stuff—from rustling up a box to waiting in line—is history."

Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies

How it all started.

Shyp was founded in 2013 by Kevin Gibbon, who faced the challenges of shipping firsthand as an eBay Power Seller. The more his business grew, the more time he found himself spending on shipping rather than selling.

As the costs and inefficiencies of shipping eroded his business, Kevin was forced to shut down his eBay shop, and, inspired by his experience, set out to build Shyp.

Shipping made easy.

The original idea was simple: shipping should be as easy as taking a photo. Shyp's on-demand pickup service started in San Francisco, but in 2017 expanded to help ecommerce companies worldwide with order fulfillment.