How Malene B Studio elevates its empire with Shyp

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Malene Barnett is proof that good taste knows no bounds. Her eponymous design studio, Malene B, is known for vibrant, bespoke carpets, wall coverings and artisan tiles that she sources from all over the world. Her designs grace companies and organizations like Saks Fifth Avenue, Viacom, and Duke University.

Design has been at the heart of her business since it was founded more than eight years ago. But Malene was able to unlock more of its potential once she discovered Shyp, which allowed her to streamline the time-consuming shipping demands of her core business, and even expand to selling smaller items online.

As a small business owner, Malene handles everything either on her own or with part-time help from her assistant. Shyp enables her design studio to deliver far beyond the effort she and her assistant put in each week, freeing her to focus on her clients and her business.

More time to focus on clients, not shipping

Malene found in Shyp a valuable tool to expedite the tedious aspects of running a design studio, making life easier for both herself and her clients.

“I ship a lot of carpet samples, wallpaper samples, strike-off samples for my larger projects. A client has to order and approve a sample before we go into production. It could be a tile sample, and I know Shyp will package it properly for me so the client receives it in perfect condition,” Malene says. “Before Shyp, I spent 20% of my time on shipping. Now, that’s down to 5%.”

Shyp also maximizes Malene’s time with scheduled pickups, allowing her to select a time anywhere from one hour to five days in advance that works for her and her day-to-day routine.

“With most carriers you never know when they’re going to come. They give you a huge window—like 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.—and expect you to wait around all day,” said Malene. “Shyp lets you schedule a pickup and you get a notification when they’re coming, so you save time.”

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Unlocking growth through international online selling

Beyond her design services, Malene has also tried her hand at ecommerce. Before Shyp, her main offerings were limited to digital downloads—anything that would spare her the hassle of dealing with more shipping.

“I've always been hesitant about selling product online because of the logistics of shipping,” said Malene. “When I introduced smaller items, such as my ponchos, Shyp was my savior. Now I’m encouraged to put more product on Shopify, because I know I have a reliable shipping partner to send products to customers.”

Winning the shipping lottery

Before Shyp, Malene was spending precious time sorting out the details of how to deliver design samples and products to her customers. Now, she can feed that time back into her business and concentrate on sourcing fresh new material, creating new products, and getting hands-on with clients.

“It's funny to get excited about shipping,” said Malene, laughing. “I feel a little like I won the lottery.”

“Before Shyp, I spent 20% of my time on shipping. Now it takes maybe 5% of my time.”

—Malene Barnett, Owner and Founder, Malene B Studio

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