How human-I-T Bridges the Digital Divide with Help from Shyp

Working out of Los Angeles, Gabe Middleton and James Jack started human-I-T to help bridge the digital divide. Their mission is simple but powerful: to transform unwanted or inoperative technology and redistribute it to millions in need.

Packaging and shipping technology requires special care and significant time. Once Gabe and James leased their own warehouse space and began to ship even more devices, they knew they needed to find someone to help, and looked into working with Shyp.

Reducing delivery damage by 90%

It takes anywhere from several hours to days for the team to refurbish a single device, so it’s critical that every device reaches its destination intact. Before Shyp, carefully packaging and readying devices for shipment ate up hours of the team’s precious time.

“Proper packaging is definitely an art, and not something that we have the resources for or can spend a lot of time on,” said Gabe. “So many of our products are different sizes or weigh more or less than others, so the individual attention that Shyp gives each shipment is really important for us. We were wasting valuable time going back and fixing items that we had already fixed once, and now we no longer have to do that.”

With Shyp, Gabe and James know that their packaging is in good hands. After syncing eBay orders to Shyp and scheduling a pick up, Shyp packing technicians cushion and wrap each device with custom materials to protect against scratches, shock, and vibration in transit and pack them in laser-cut boxes sized perfectly for each item.

With the help of Shyp’s custom packaging, the busy nonprofit was able to cut shipping costs and reduce the number of damaged shipments by more than 90%, ensuring everything arrives on time and in working order.


Focusing on fulfilling a mission

After three years of partnering with Shyp, human-I-T is now shipping thousands of computers and other electronic devices every month.

“We’ve been able to expand beyond southern California and help more people harness the power of information—whether to advance their education or open up career opportunities,” says Gabe. “Shyp enables us to focus on fulfilling our mission, instead of worrying about fulfillment.”

"Shyp has reduced the number of devices that are damaged in delivery by 90%."

Gabe Middleton, Co-Founder, human-I-T

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