Chicago Candle Factory Needed a Surefire Way to Ship Fragile Products

Chicago Candle Factory discovers the secret to ensuring orders arrive in perfect condition

Among its three properties, Dominique Ansel is lucky enough to have a cult-like following around the United States and around the world. Between its revered cronut and other made-to-order baked goods, the team has always aimed to get its product to as many people as possible outside of the New York area, but baking small batches in limited space made it more difficult to reach fans in other locations.

During an especially busy holiday season, Dominique Ansel’s growing team knew that it didn’t have the resources internally to meet demand and fulfill shipping efforts on their own, so they signed on with Shyp—just when shipping requests reached their peak.

ansel combo All images courtesy of Dominique Ansel.

How Shyp Helped

When their new Christmas Morning Cereal launched, it sold out in less than three minutes. With the help of Shyp’s paperless system and simple app-based platform, Dominique Ansel was able to keep up with high demand and deliver Christmas Morning Cereal to hungry fans around the country.

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The Results

Hospitality is top priority for Dominique Ansel — and the way they treat their customers shows it. During winter months in New York, the bakery hands out warm madeleine cookies and hot chocolate to visitors in line at the shop. In the summer, it’s lemonade. In partnership with Shyp, the shipping process was no different, helping Dominique Ansel’s customer service remain at an all-time high.

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“Hospitality is very important to us, so we loved that our guests were kept in the loop. Tracking info was sent directly to them, with tracking support from the Shyp team,” says Kara Yu, Business Development Manager at Dominique Ansel. “Because we couldn’t see them face to face, we wanted our customers to feel taken care of and receive that same hospitality. It was great that guests could track their orders and I could know on my end exactly where their packages were. That personal touch makes a huge difference, and so it was nice to have that comfort from Shyp.”

Dominique Ansel’s customers were also pleased with the Shyp experience. As one explained:

"Hospitality is very important to us, so we loved that our guests were kept in the loop with tracking info sent directly to them and support from the Shyp team."

- Kara Yu, Business Development Manager at Dominique Ansel