How Chicago Candle Factory Safely Ships Fragile, Handcrafted Candles

Chicago Candle Factory began in Jared Wisbrod’s kitchen with a simple goal — to create beautiful, handcrafted and environmentally friendly soy wax candles with upcycled bottles from Chicago bars and restaurants. As his sustainable candles began to appear in markets and shops around the city, demand for his functional art skyrocketed, and Jared opened an online store using Shopify.

When it came to shipping, however, the local artisan knew he wouldn’t have the time or resources to carefully package and ship the heavy, fragile products on his own. The unique shape of his candles makes packaging time-consuming and difficult since his creations could not always fit in traditional boxes. If candles aren't wrapped carefully, they can chip or break during the shipping process.

Chicago candle factory candles Image courtesy of Chicago Candle Factory.

Keeping candles in perfect condition

Chicago Candle Factory enlisted the help of Shyp to streamline the shipping process and ensure that fragile products arrived to the customer undamaged. When Jared expanded his offerings to include online orders, Shyp was there to handle delivery and fulfillment so he could focus on what he does best — making beautiful, handcrafted candles.

It was no longer necessary to purchase packaging supplies in bulk or clutter his limited workspace with dozens of boxes. With the help of Shyp’s professional packaging, Chicago Candle Factory has been able to deliver hundreds of sustainable candles safely to eager customers nationwide.

Expanding online sales by 500%, thanks to Shyp

Every candle from Chicago Candle Factory lives a life of its own. Thanks to Shyp, the team has been able to share these unique made-to-order candles with happy customers in more than 22 states. Online sales have grown over 500% since Chicago Candle Factory started using Shyp in 2016.

“Shyp is enabling me to get legitimate traffic to the business,” says Jared. “Before, shipping orders from the online store wasn’t really possible. We didn’t even have bubble wrap. Now we have custom boxes cut, courtesy of Shyp.”

Prior to partnering with Shyp, each online order took 45 minutes to package properly and mail out. Now, Jared says that shipping is the easiest part. “Shyp is like magic. I’m most interested in making unique products and pleasing the customer. Shyp allows me to focus on just that.”

"I have a huge appetite for growth. Shyp has been a major part of moving my business forward."

- Jared Wisbrod, CEO of Chicago Candle Factory

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