Import orders and ship in bulk.

We provide a variety of ways to import orders from your store to Shyp.

Simple ways to import orders

Integrated Stores

We have two direct integrations with Shopify and eBay. Once you have connected your store you can automatically import orders and fulfill them with Shyp.

3rd-Party Import

For those using the Shyp Pickup & Packaging service, we support exported orders from Etsy, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Simply export your orders and import the .CSV file to Shyp.

Shyp Spreadsheet Template

For those using the Shyp Pickup & Packaging service, we provide a spreadsheet (.CSV) template for you to add your shipments and import with ease.

Manage all your shipments from one place

With the Shyp dashboard you can import all your orders and see your shipments at once. With simple tracking you can track the status of your shipments as they are delivered.

Shipping and packaging services for businesses.

Scheduled pickups.

Convenient pickup at your door — 7 days a week.

Professional packaging.

Quality packaging from trained professionals.

Integration with your store.

E-commerce integrations for seamless selling and shipping.

Price comparison.

We find you the best rate across different carriers.

No monthly fee.

No obligations, try Shyp and see if we can meet your needs.

Realtime tracking.

Receive and share tracking information from shipping to delivery.

Let us pick up, package, and ship your orders.

Our couriers come to you at a time of your choosing. They arrive promptly and always treat you with courtesy and respect.

Available San Francisco, LA, New York, and Chicago.

We use quality materials and techniques.

We use high quality packaging materials and expert packaging techniques that are right for your item. We make sure your items are protected and ready for shipment.

Shyp packaging is available San Francisco, LA, New York, and Chicago.

We minimize weight to maximize your savings.

Our experts minimize weight that's added by improper packaging materials and techniques. Because we optimize for each carrier's weight range, you could pay less for shipping.

Sell more, save more.

Get volume discounts on pickups, packaging and shipping when you send at least 20 shipments per month.
On shipping across all carriers
Off pickup, packaging and shipping
Off pickup, packaging and shipping
Off pickup, packaging and shipping
These discounts do not apply to USPS First Class or shipping insurance, and cannot be combined with eBay discounts.

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