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Ultimate Guide to Shipping a Motorcycle

A treasured belonging, motorcycles have been known to be the modern man's (and woman's) best friend! However, this obsession with your beloved vehicle might have to come to a halt when you happen to be moving or traveling a long distance. At all such times, people need to be aware of the best possible ways to ship your motorcycle from one location to the next. Which moving and shipping boxes do you pick? How do you safely load it onto the shipping vehicle?

We understand that there are a ton of questions that come along with shipping a motorcycle. However, don't worry! This ultimate guide will take you through it all step by step. Sit back as we highlight the best possible method through which you can tackle the shipping process.

Shipping Motorcycles, Moving and Shipping Boxes, and More!

  1. Picking Your Service Provider For Shipping Moving Boxes 

First up, you need to establish which shipping service provider you will be opting for before you head into the details of shipping moving boxes. While it is true that there is a huge load of options, one should still spend a considerable amount of time picking the most suitable option. In your search for the best shipping service provider, you will need to consider various factors.

  • Equipment

Moving and shipping boxes alone won't do the job for something as huge and intricate as a motorcycle. This is why you need to ensure that your chosen shipping service provider is equipped with all the moving equipment. This includes huge containers and crates. At Shyp, the aim is to deliver the most extraordinary services. To achieve this, there is all the necessary equipment available.

  • Reliability

When it comes to items you treasure, there is no room for compromise. Reliability is yet another element to take into consideration. Go through their testimonials and reviews to gauge the reliability levels of your chosen service provider. This will give you some peace of mind. Talk to their customer representative and get all the surety you need. Now is not the time to be shy.

  • Delivery Time

A lot of times, time is of the essence when we are traveling. If you happen to be traveling to another location, you would want your vehicle to be there by the time you reach. Clear out the time durations beforehand. It is legitimate that it takes much longer than the moving medium shipping boxes. However, if the company cannot deliver it on time, you might want to consider some other options.

  • Budgets

Your budget is yet another important factor that will come in here. Getting quotes from different service providers is the best way to go about it. Some service providers also provide all the shenanigans at a slightly higher rate, including moving and shipping boxes. Go online and get quotes from a couple of movers and shippers. Compare the rates and opt for the package that fits your budget and time restrictions the best.

  1. Record the State of Your Motorcycle

Think of this as a safety measure. Recording the state of your motorcycle before shipping is an essential part of the process. Your job is to document everything about your motorcycle. This includes noting down if there are any damages or not both pre-and post-the-shipping processes. It would help if you also took pictures of your motorcycle in different positions. This way, if it gets damaged during transit, you will not be liable for the damage.

  1. Prepare the Motorcycle for Shipping

This is where the grunt work begins. We cannot package our motorcycle in ordinary medium shipping boxes and just send it to relocate like other things. You have to prepare it for transit, you need to take care of different elements, including the accessories, battery, fluids, etc. Here's all that you need before loading it.

  • Washing and Cleanup

Washing your bike is a no-brainer.  A post-shipping washing session will safeguard your bike from additional damages and chances of rust. What's more, you will be able to detect any damages much better (if any) once the bike has been washed thoroughly.

  • Fluid Removal

Next up, make sure that there are no fluids in your motorcycle. Leaking fluids in the vehicle can damage the items placed next to it. This includes moving and shipping boxes. The trick is to drain it completely; however, keep just enough that you should be able to move it when offloading.

  • Dealing with Battery and Tires

You also need to take a look at your battery and tires. If the battery is plugged, it is time to unplug it. What's more, while this might seem odd, don't question it. Always let some air out of the tires before you put it on board.

  • Removal of Accessories

Lastly, get rid of all accessories. Check the trunk and pockets and empty them. It would help if you made sure that there were no loose items, GPS trackers, or alarms in it. It would be best if you also inspected the tires. Make sure that there is no soil or dirt on the tires or wheels before you send it.

  1. Additional Insurance

A lot of moving and shipping companies provide their customers with insurance. However, be sure to keep in mind that this insurance usually comes with a higher price tag. You should consider getting insurance if you don't wish to pay extra or your shipper doesn't offer insurance. While it is highly unlikely that anything will happen to your motorcycle, if something does happen, you won't have to pay out of your pocket.

A lot of owners tend to skip out on this process and end up regretting it later. Don't put yourself through the risk. Always inquire about liability coverage from your potential shippers. Shipping companies can be liable to reimburse you if the bike gets dented, scratched, or is not loaded/offloaded properly.

  1. Receiving the Motorcycle

When you send off your motorcycle, you should keep your keys safe with you as the courier should not ask you for them. 

Above are some of the steps you should always go through when shipping a motorcycle. But, what do you do once it has arrived at the destination? When the motorcycle has arrived, you will receive some correspondence from your shipper. Don't delay the process of receiving it. Head over to the location and get your motorcycle. It is very crucial to check the bike thoroughly once you get it. Conduct a thorough inspection and check for damages. If there are any, you need to file a claim as soon as possible.

Cost of Shipping Motorcycles 

Motorcycle shipping is an intricate process and requires more than just moving and shipping boxes. In the UK, the average cost for shipping motorcycles ranges from £260 to £570. This amount can vary depending on the size, the urgency it needs to be delivered, and the vehicle's final destination. This cost can increase or decrease when you research the different shippers near you. The trick is to get as many quotes as possible and then compare them all. This way, you can be sure that you are making the most budget-friendly decision.

Keep This in Mind While Shipping Motorcycle or Medium Shipping Boxes

Stats show that around 1.27 million motorcycles were registered in the UK at the end of 2020. With so many new owners, many of you might be thinking of moving with it or sending it somewhere. However, undoubtedly whether it is moving and shipping boxes or shipping a motorcycle, it is a big responsibility. Always make sure that you cover all your bases for a smooth shipping process. Talk to your shipping service and voice out any queries or confusion. It is always better to seek clarity beforehand.

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