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Packaging guide to packing your kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room of every household. This is one area that needs to be packed most efficiently. However, even though this is the essential part of every household, it is still the place people tend to last. A primary reason for delaying the packing kitchen process is that it can feel like it's never-ending.

Read on to learn how one should go about packing kitchen items and other packing tips for moving. 

1. Start By Prepping

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the place of your home that requires a little too much attention and planning. It doesn't matter whether you are making pot roast or thinking of packing kitchen items. You always prepare beforehand. 

Don't worry. You don't' have to get intimidated. This guide to packing kitchen items has made the process easier. All packing tips for moving by professionals suggest conducting a thorough clean-up session. During this deep-cleaning, you can select which items you plan to take along with you and which you should dispose of. 

It is time you get rid of all those rust-ridden gadgets and spoons lying around in drawers. Clean out carefully to take only what is functional and chuck away the expired and damaged items.

2. Get Packing Materials

Next up, once you think you are completely organized, you can then gather the materials. Some of the basic things you will need for packing kitchen items are packing paper, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, labeling markets, and dividers. 

Our packing tips for moving include always getting extra packing material. It is always better to have more space than stuff all your belongings in a couple of boxes. If you have some material left behind, you can use it to pack items from other rooms. 

Even though it might seem like a good idea to use a newspaper, we suggest you don't go for it. It will only end up with you having tons of leaked ink on your cutlery. 

3. Keep Essentials on Hand

When people are moving houses, they usually tend to leave the kitchen for the last to use it as much as they can. However, that is not the correct way to go about it. Our packing tips for moving include sorting out the essentials and packing the rest. Some of the most common items you should save for right till the ends are cutlery and dishes for each person. 

It would help to keep cleaning products such as a sponge, soap, and hand towel nearby. Other essential items maybe a kettle, coffee maker, glass/mug, a wooden spoon, etc. With all these on hand, you can always go about picking the rest of the kitchen items. 

On the last day, you can pile up all these things in one or a maximum of two cardboard boxes. 

4. Packing Pots and Pans

Now, this is the part that many homeowners tend to dread the most. Just imagining packing away all those vast pots and pans must fill you with despair. Fortunately for you, this list of packing tips for moving covers this scary part as well. 

Make sure you have the right amount and size of boxes for such oversized items to start the process. Trying to jam large pots in small boxes will only lead to irritation. The easiest way to go about it is to take your most giant pan and put it in a box in both diagonal and horizontal positions. Make sure that the lid of the box can be closed. Now that you have the perfect sized boxes take all your pots and start putting them in the boxes. 

Keep the largest ones at the bottom and placed the smaller ones in them one by one. Also, remember to wrap all the glass lids twice and thrice to keep them from breaking. 

5.     Packing Knives and Food

The last in our list of packing tips for moving is to pay special attention while packing knives. Moreover, it would help if you also filled the pantry with care. When it comes to knives, special care is required for the most apparent reason, safety. While packing kitchen knives, you should start by placing them all in a bunch, putting a rubber band around them, and wrapping them twice.

Next, place them all lying down with the sharp edges facing upwards to avoid any injuries. For the pantries, make sure you chuck out the expired products. 

And there you have it! While it might seem like packing kitchen items is a hassle, with these packing tips for moving, you can make the process easy and quick.

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