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How To Monitor Your Web Application With Reporting API?

The poor performance of a website can be common and annoying. But for a business, it can be a disastrous setback in terms of its image, customer satisfaction, and sales. Repeated studies have been conducted to analyze the significance of learning how to monitor web application organizes. The research suggests that web app monitoring is vital to identify the barely noticeable slow response of a site, even by delays of seconds.

However, the sluggishness of a website in response time can decrease sales and increase bounce rates. Moreover, mobile-optimized websites play an important role in enhanced web performance. This is because smartphones have enabled people to read, watch, communicate, and shop online from anywhere. To sum up, having a mobile-optimized site will increase the web performance and a better result for the businesses in monitor web application tools.

What is the Concept of Monitoring Web Applications

Before we learn how to monitor web applications, what is web app monitoring? Web performance is measured through a report you get when you monitor web applications. The process contains a mixture of methods to monitor web applications to ensure the application's quick loading time and efficient execution. However, there may be certain times when the displays error even when loading quickly. For this reason, businesses must monitor web applications in multiple ways to ensure accurate application performance.

The significance of Web Performance Optimization or WPO is growing significantly. Ironically, with the increasing number of websites, the competition is further increasing. Therefore, even a millisecond delay in a website's speed can cause great variation between profit and loss.

The use of reporting API is essential to catch potential or future errors within the site. Setting up APIs provides a sense of contentment regarding a smooth user experience. Further, it reports any unforeseen errors to the developers, making it essential for website performance.

In this guide, the importance of monitoring web applications with reporting API will be covered. It consists of necessary points that a developer needs to know for enhanced site performance.

Further Understanding of Web Application Performance Monitoring

To evaluate the web experience delivered to customers, understanding information retrieval, user experience, and APIs is crucial. For this reason, several websites include web applications to drive these factors.

Hence, for successful site execution, including the speed and operations, understanding "business-critical" components by the web app monitoring play a major role. To enhance the performance of applications, web application performance monitoring is mandatory.

What are API Failures?

Deprecating or changing the API may cause severe unpredicted failures as one API influences numerous components and applications. The probability of widespread failure may be greater if the particular API has been made public. API sharing with other developers trusted partners, or the public may affect the performance as the key responsibility of API's performance depends on the developer. Therefore, the importance to monitor web applications plays a major component for API and its performance. Further factors affecting API include the amount of data coming down, server load, controller quality, encryption level, etc.

There are millions of websites available on the market with unlimited competition. Therefore, reliable performance of site till the end of task completion or purchase by a user must be provided efficiently. The well-organized performance of a site provides a higher retention rate. However, a company's actual performance and post-purchase service play a greater role in customer satisfaction than efficient website performance only. 

For instance, the website of Shyp has a quick loading time with all the essential information available on its site. Moreover, the consistent and trustworthy services provided by the company provide a reason to the customers to trust the brand and revisit the website for further information and business.

Hence, monitoring and testing these factors before putting API in production and deploying holds a significant value.

Testing APIs

Spanning the entire lifecycle from development through monitoring production has become a well-known practice for software quality processes. User acceptance or operations aren't the only quality of API software, but performance, availability, and reliability are further dependent on it. The API economy has increased with enormous growth. Certainly, APIs are the central technology for mobile apps, cloud, and third-party applications.

If an application doesn't depend on third-party APIs, it may rely on its API. However, with the increasing boom in the API industry, the possibility of API governance, testing, and stability has increased.

Monitoring Application Availability

The significance of web app monitoring is to surveil the availability and online status of a website for its users may be the easiest part. 

Various monitoring tools permit the inspection of specified text as a part of the response. This is beneficial to make sure that the 200 HTTP status code does not appear while loading.

Monitoring Application Errors

The first line of defense must be the error logs if web applications reflect faults. The developer must analyze error logs for potential problems. All application errors must be reported to the service for critical analysis.

Monitoring Significant Web Requests or Key Transactions

Every application consists of key transactions that must be closely monitored. There must be a wide variety of things depending on the type of web application. The factors to consider for an e-commerce website is quite distinctive from a REST API for observing.

The most common characteristics to consider while web app monitoring includes:

  • Web requests consisting of high volume
  • Sluggish performance may be resulted due to problematic web requests.
  • Critical web requests such as a shopping cart page

Defensive Coding of APIs

 A good programmer considers the testers while analyzing the code. An expert programmer considers the result of monitoring and testing and includes it in the code. However, the developer must think twice while integrating and considering 3rd party APIs in the business solution. Numerous factors related to third-party APIs must be handled and considered proactively to avoid customer dissatisfaction from a failure of delivery required. 

In the programming language, defensive coding is a well-known practice considered "being just paranoid enough." Some of the basic principles for defensive coding are described in the 'aggressively defensive programming' title. Further, as stated by Terence Eden, defensive coding provides assistance to track down the strangest of issues.

Developing API Monitors

Creating monitors for APIs you provide or consume (or both) should be a cornerstone in your online quality strategy. One of those last excuses stopping you from setting up your first API monitor might be that you don't really know what to consider and where to start when setting it up – so let's get you going with some hands-on tips for creating your first API monitor.

 There shouldn't be any excuses to hinder installing API to monitor web applications to improve the site's efficiency. However, experts recommend not to overdo the API monitoring. This means that it is not necessary to exercise all operations or monitor from each location worldwide. Instead, ensure that the API monitors act as a safety net for identifying problems within the most vital areas of the API business. To clarify, overdoing API monitoring will cause poor maintenance, which becomes ignorant by the developer as it will not provide any value in the end.

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