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Everything You Need To Know About The Best Ecommerce Platform

Do you know the need for the best eCommerce platform is increasing at a fast pace? Many businesses have solely started their setups online with no brick-and-mortar store. The world is by and large moving towards a digitalized shopping experience. However, many factors can turn digital shopping or digital businesses good or bad. The need for eCommerce integration has increased. So, businesses without a properly integrated platform might risk losing customers or obstructing them from gaining new ones. 

What Is eCommerce Integration?

Did you know that global retail eCommerce sales were forecasted to reach 4 trillion by 2020? It’s just one piece of evidence among many of the rapid increases in retail eCommerce sales. So, it brings us towards eCommerce integration. It can be summed up as the transfer of data between your eCommerce platform and the five main components of eCommerce sales. These components include accounting, inventory, sales, CRM, and marketing.

The consumer today requires a quick, efficient, and seamless shopping experience. The lack of adequate knowledge of the best or online eCommerce platforms can prove to be a hindrance. Additionally, the lack of opting for or incorporating the eCommerce platform can also be problematic. It will save you valuable time while allowing you to give your customers a seamless experience whether it is shipping or shopping.

However, it should be noted that it is a skillful task. Hence, companies can instead waste valuable time while trying to set up everything on their own. Moreover, the lack of experience and time commitment will also lead to financial resources being put to waste. So, it makes sense to hire experts and only use the best eCommerce platforms. It will allow you to keep up with your customer and track product transfer from start till end.

The Disadvantages Associated With Lack Of Online Ecommerce Platforms And Best Ecommerce Platform

Online businesses can have orders coming in from various online and social channels, consequently, online eCommerce platforms are also gaining vitality. Managing the orders, their shipment, and their tracking can be hard. Moreover, a display of products not matching the state in the warehouse can lead to the placement of wrong orders. Eventually, it can lead to a disaster and a bad customer experience. Bad customer experience equates to losing customers and sales.

Moreover, manual eCommerce integration might seem like a solution but comes with pitfalls. Integration with various shopping platforms can prove to be costly. Additionally, it might take a month to complete one integration. It will also prove tough to deal with advancements in integrations with new versions of shopping platforms. Simply put, all of it could be avoided using the best eCommerce platform and eCommerce integration.

The Benefits Associated With Ecommerce Integration

There are quite a lot of benefits associated with eCommerce integration. These benefits can prove to be a gem changer when incorporated with taking the best eCommerce platform onboard. So, let’s browse through the various benefits associated with eCommerce integration.

  1. Elimination Of Manual And Similar Entries

A business can be at a loss with one order proceeding more than one time. Moreover, manual entries of orders can also take time. So, incorporating the best eCommerce platform along with integration can save time and effort. Similarly, it will keep the consumer happy as their orders will be processed without a glitch.

  1. Faster Data Exchange Between Systems

Let’s take an example to understand it better. Imagine inventory of any item that has finished while the website is still taking orders for the individual item. A consumer might place an order and go through, only to return due to lack of inventory. Now, It won’t happen with eCommerce integration in place. The integration will quickly transfer data from the inventory to the website and sales notifying about zero inventory. Hence, the consumer will be saved from the hassle of confirming order and receiving nothing.

  1. Synchronization Of Inventory Across Channels

eCommerce integration will sync your inventory across all channels. Thus, all your selling channels will have the same information and update the current inventory situation thanks to online eCommerce platforms. Additionally, synchronization will also allow you to add more sales channels as integration will keep all of them up to date.

  1. A Trackable Buying Journey

Consumers feel more at ease and trust the brands when they get notified about each sale funnel step. The best eCommerce platforms will keep the consumers in the loop and update them about the status of their order.

  1. Incorporates Using A Trusted Shipping Service For Sales

Combining the best eCommerce platform and eCommerce integration means your brand could be in the USA while making sales in the most distant parts of Europe. Using a trusted and verified shipping partner can make these transactions smooth and timely. One such verified and trusted shipping company that can ship worldwide for you is Shyp. So, you can have an easy and hassle-free shipping experience.

  1. An Opportunity To Adapt And Expand The Market

Ecommerce integration can give you the room to experiment and try new and different business models. It eliminates several steps, synchronizes the process, and positively impacts your cost in the long run. Moreover, businesses that operate in a limited geographical capacity can expand their winds and try new horizons.

  1. An Increase In Workplace Productivity

Ecommerce integrations save you time. So, that allows your employees to use their time more productively and work on other things. It automates many processes. Hence, it can also decrease your need for extra employment by putting many funnel aspects in automation mode.

  1. Create A Better Consumer Experience

Consumers today are more demanding than the consumers of yesterday. Research suggests that B2B buyers conduct 12 online searches before finalizing a purchase. So, eCommerce integration can allow brands and businesses to create a more seamless, wholesome, and welcoming experience for their consumers.

Different Types Of Ecommerce Integration

  1. One-way Integration

One integration sends data from one system to another. A basic example of it would be taking consumers’ orders as soon as they’re placed.

  1. Two-way Integration

Two-way integration is more advanced as it allows the system to communicate with each other. So, we can take the previous example, and communication going forward and backward between two systems will be two-way integration.

  1. Manual integration

Manual integration can work well for companies with slow-moving inventories. It is a highly affordable option for companies looking to manually direct files. However, it will require a flexible eCommerce import and export engine. Moreover, it can’t be compatible with companies having large sales volumes and product catalogs.

  1. Scheduled integration

Real-time synchronization is the choice and priority of many merchants. However, it is not possible with invoicing and fulfillment updates. Additionally, it is critical to remember that scheduled integration is not favorable with inventory and order data.

Other Types Of Ecommerce Integration

There are a few more types of eCommerce integrations available. Some of the most popular integrations are as follows;

  • Punchout integration
  • e-commerce shipping integration
  • CRM – customer relationship management
  • PIM – product information management
  • ERP – enterprise resource planning

All in all, eCommerce integration is critical. It can play a vital role in attracting more consumers and making the sales process more seamless. Moreover, eCommerce integration and the incorporation of the best eCommerce platforms can automate many processes and allow real-time updates.

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