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Decluttering Before You Move

Decluttering, or getting rid of the excess things that you have, is a must-do before you finally move to a new place. The main reason behind this is that it would save you time, effort, and money if you can narrow down the list of things I want to transport over to the new place.

Why is Decluttering a Good Idea?

Decluttering is often not one of the first things that come to mind. However, multiple benefits decluttering can provide you with, making it such a great choice at the end of the day.

For example, decluttering before you move ensures that you are carrying only the things that you must. This means the new place would not be filled with a lot of the things you had either forgotten about or which were meant purely for the old place.

Again, it also saves you the time and effort needed to both pack and moves to the new place the items that you choose to discard. Naturally, this also means that the total amount of money that you would be spending for moving would be lesser than it would have otherwise been.

As such, decluttering is, without a shadow of a doubt, an idea that you might want to consider before you move.

How to Declutter Before Moving?

Moving before decluttering is slightly different than decluttering in general, since there are a few additional things that you need to keep in mind besides the regular ones. At the same time, however, it is a lot more effective because it provides you with added benefits such as saved transport costs.

The main things that you might want to keep in mind when decluttering before you move are as follows:

·         Making a List: Making a list of all the things that you currently have is the first step towards decluttering. This helps you list out all the things in your possession and ensures that there are no things unaccounted for. This step is also particularly important because there are a lot of things that you might have at your place but you don’t even remember about, which can cause problems during moving if everything is not properly planned.

·         Knowing Where You are Moving: It is also essential to know where you’re moving. There might be many useful things in the erstwhile place which might no longer be needed after moving. Unless valuable, you might want to get rid of some of these things to make the moving process simpler.

·         Looking at it Differently: Naturally, decluttering might be hard for some people. It is essential to understand that you aren’t just throwing away or getting rid of your things. You are merely choosing to carry the things you need to the new place you’re moving to.

·         Organize: Next, you need to organize the things in order of need. Some things are important, some things are valuable, some things might have sentimental value attached to them. During the process of organizing, you would be able to narrow down on the things that are not important, which makes decluttering much simpler.

·         Packing: Of course, next comes packing your things properly before you move them. Once organized, it isn’t all that hard to pack your things, but you need to make sure that you are packing things in the right way based on material and weight. The best way to do this is to go about it in the way that suits you the best, some people prefer beginning with the things that are easier to pack, while some others focus on the more expensive items first.

·         Ask for Help: Of course, decluttering before moving can be a difficult thing to do. As such, feel free to ask for help from friends and family, or to just reach out to professionals. This ensures that you don’t feel overburdened by the process, ensuring that you can take care of the things that are important while letting the other things go.

· Getting Rid of Clutter: Next, you need to get rid of the things that you have identified as clutter. There are several ways to go about it. You could consider donating them to some cause, or you might just want to sell them at either a garage sale or through some reliable online website. Getting rid of the clutter might even generate enough money to cover part of the actual moving process!

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