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Custom Packaging on A Budget

What is custom packaging, and why is it all the hype? Every day, there comes floating the news of yet another small business. With so many new companies out there unleashing their potential into the world, it can be pretty hard to stand out from the crowd. However, the answer to all such dilemmas lies with marketing. How you choose to market your product or your brand can do wonders for your business.

Among other marketing methods, custom packing has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Business owners, both small and large-scaled re realizing that it's time to perk up their game with custom packing. But doesn't that sound expensive?

Down below are some products you can use for custom product packaging, such as custom packing boxes and more. Here are some budget-friendly custom product packaging tips.

Products To Use:

The best way to go about custom packaging is to find what your base item will be. Firstly, start by picking one component that would make up your concept of custom packaging.

1. Custom Packaging Boxes

This is then the most common trick for custom product packaging. All you do is get custom packaging boxes that will house your product. Moreover, these products do not always have to be incredibly fancy. All you need is one tiny mark or label on the box, and you can turn the entire shipment customized—all with the help of custom packaging boxes.

2. Custom Packaging Tapes

Amazon is the most common example of the usage of custom packaging tapes. The famous online retailer has been using this trick for ages, and it seems to be working great. All you would have to do is pick a basic box and put your tape upon it.

You can quickly identify repetitive designs of your logo or label, just like a tick mark now represents Nike and more. When working on a budget, it is always intelligent to kill two birds with one stone.  This tape would help in the packing process and work as a brand image as well.

3. Inserts

Do you not have a budget big enough to spend tons of custom packaging boxes or tapes? Well, the next best thing you can do is try custom inserts. The most efficient and budget-friendly option for custom product packaging is to put in tiny memorable pieces with the product.

This can be something as simple as a custom thank-you note or a personalized letter. Maybe you can add in a few coupons or samples. The best thing about this type of custom packaging is that you have tons of options. What's more, there's no right or wrong!

Tips for Custom Packaging on Budgets

1. Pick One Product

Sometimes going out can tend to be pretty overwhelming. When you are marketing your business, you need to make it easy and stress-free for your customers to know you. Pulling too many customized tricks can overwhelm the customers. As a result, they might be big fans of your brand.

Pick one area where you wish to advertise your brand and stick with it. This is a perfect tip if you're on a budget. If you are getting custom packaging boxes, lay off on the rest of the shenanigans.

2. Think Smart

The best part about today's progressive world is that there's always an alternative way to do things. Once you figure out the alternative method, you will realize it's often more convenient and cheaper. If you do not have the budget to get custom packaging boxes, you can do it yourself!

Get yourself a stamp and an ink pad. Both of these things are going to cost you around $60-$100. However, it will be a one-time investment. Moreover, you can easily ask your younger sibling to stamp away on clear boxes. You've got yourself a budget-friendly DIY tip for custom product packaging.

3. Pick a Color

Is all of this still too expensive? The next easy and cheap custom packaging tip is to pick a color. Whenever we think of brand colors, red automatically gets associated with McDonald's and Netflix. You can do a similar thing for your brand.

Pick a color and use it everywhere, from the box inside to the tape and the ribbons used. What's more, this color would be identified especially as yours. Furthermore, you can easily make custom packaging boxes if they are a specific color. Think of it this way, there's a pile of boxes but yours with, let's say, yellow color, can easily be identified.

From stamping your custom packaging boxes to other tricks, there are many ways in which custom packaging can be made budget-friendly. While custom packaging might seem intimidating at first, it can be easily one of the most exciting things when done smartly.

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