How Shyp helps artist Anna Sidana ship one-of-a-kind canvas paintings


Anna Sidana is not your traditional artist. After a long hiatus, she only got back into the art world in the past few years—but her ample talent quickly got her noticed and helped her secure a studio space with an artists’ collective in the heart of San Francisco.

While art comes easily to Anna, shipping her art did not. Selling—and often, shipping—art is how many artists make a living, yet it presents a complicated dilemma: it can consume hours of precious time. Sourcing packing supplies, packaging each piece so it will endure the rigors of transit, and carefully transporting the artwork from studio to a carrier drop-off location can consume an entire afternoon.

After going through the process a few times herself, Anna sought an easier solution and discovered Shyp.

White glove service, without the cost

Like any artist, Anna was concerned about handing over her one-of-a-kind work to a third-party.

“I used to do the packaging myself. I had to find the right box, wrap the piece, stuff the box with materials to make sure it didn't move or scratch the canvas, add a plastic layer, waterproof it—all those things,” said Anna. “And there's no instruction manual. You kind of just have to D.I.Y. that kind of thing, which isn't reassuring with pieces like this. Plus, trying to fit a canvas this large in a car, to take it to a store in the city is sometimes impossible.”

On her first pickup using Shyp, the courier picked up her canvas, and that was it. The only thing she had to do then was wait for delivery. No packaging stress. A few days later, she received a picture from her satisfied customer showing her how thoroughly the painting had been protected from the bumps and shocks of delivery.

“After comparing options, Shyp was the most economical shipping option, as well,” added Anna. “It’s white glove service, without the cost.”

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Staying in the creative flow

With Shyp taking care of the time-consuming process of handling, packaging and shipping her art, Anna is able to feed more of that time into developing her work.

“It's very hard to switch gears from the creative, artistic mindset, to the more pragmatic ‘now sell our stuff and ship it and be efficient’ mindset," said Anna. “One is emotional, requires a lot of focus. You don't want to interrupt that time. The other is completely rational, task-oriented. Shyp lets me stay in the creative flow.”

An artful solution to shipping

Anna struggled to imagine how she would be able to keep up the time-consuming and labor-intensive necessities of shipping and selling her art on her own. As a burgeoning artist, she doesn’t have the budget to hire an assistant, or waste hours of her time packaging and shipping art herself.

Shyp is an invaluable partner, fulfilling her needs for a simple solution and revealing yet another intersection between the worlds of art and technology in her life.

“There is so much value to having art in your life. It's been scientifically proven that art can calm you down and reduce stress,” said Anna. “Shyp's service and technology helps me focus on bringing that joy to others.”

“Shyp is white glove service, without the cost."

Anna Sidana, Artist

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