Track Your Shipments

Track shipments, receive notifications, and make post-pickup changes

You'll receive tracking information as soon as your shipment has been processed and is ready for collection. Keep in mind, it can take up to 24 hours for tracking to activate once it has been collected by a carrier.

Track shipments in-app or on your dashboard

To track shipments from your app, find the shipment you'd like to track under 'Sent' and tap on 'Track'.

To track your shipments from your dashboard, sign in to your account, click on 'Shipments' and then click on the tracking number associated with your shipment.

Track shipments from your email invoice

On your email invoice, click or tap on 'Track' next to the shipment details.

Make a change

While it's not guaranteed, it's possible to make changes to your shipment after it has been collected if your items are sent via FedEx or UPS. This includes address changes, re-routing to a different destination, returning an item, and having an item held for collection at a local FedEx or UPS facility. To make a change, contact us here.

Please note: Shyp does not charge additional fees for this service. However, fees and shipping differences imposed by the carrier will be passed onto you.

Learn more about tracking and managing your shipments

"Shyp allows us to manage all our shipments in one place and share tracking with each customer"

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